Saturday, July 30th & August 6th   9am-1pm
Matteson Police Department


About the Clinic

  • Visitors will enter onto to Village Commons Drive from Cicero Ave. Line up will begin on DeWitt Ave (behind Matteson Police Dept).

  • Visitors should be prepared for a long wait and should bring anything they may need during that time (water, snacks, etc.) At most clinics, restrooms will NOT be available. If supplies run out, visitors will be referred to another vaccine clinic. Visitors will also remain in their vehicles.

  • Clinics will only be equipped to provide the services listed for that event. If your dog is ill or injured, please seek appropriate care at a full-services animal hospital. The clinic will not be equipped to provide care for any serious vaccine reactions; if your pet has a reaction to one of the vaccines they receive, you must seek appropriate care a full -service animal hospital, at your expense.



  • Dogs must remain in the vehicle until it is their turn.

  • Dogs must be leashed to a secure collar or harness

  • Puppies must be at least 6 weeks old to receive distemper/parvo vaccine

  • Dogs/puppies must be 4 months of age to receive a rabies vaccine

  • Pets should be in overall good heath and have no history of a reaction to a vaccine. Pets who do not meet these criteria will be referred to a full-service animal hospital

What to Bring

  • Please bring as few human family members as possible. Vaccine clinics are not a good environment for young children.

  • Water, snacks or anything else you may need during your wait

Services Offered

  • Canine distemper combo vaccine (Da1ppv)

    • 5-in-one distemper combo vaccine is recommended for all dogs 6 weeks or older​

  • Rabies vaccine

    • Required for all dogs over 4 months of age

    • Rabies tags will not be issued

      • Pet owners will receive their certificate via email a few days after the clinic. They can use that certificate to purchase a county tag. Click here for more information regarding obtaining Cook County Rabies Tags.​

  • Microchip - registration included

    • A microchip is a tiny computer chip with a unique number that can be implanted beneath a pet's skin to serve as a form of permanent identification. A microchip is not a GPS tracer and cannot transmit or indicate your pet's location. When a lost pet is brought to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, staff use a device to scan for the presence of a microchip. The clinic or shelter can use the unique number of the pet's microchip to look up the pet owner's contact information and contact them directly. ​​​

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email Daphine at