Resources to Keep Your Pet

Sometimes it may feel like you're out of options. Take a look at some of our resources and talk to our Intake staff about ways to keep your pet.
Pet Owner Resources

Before making the decision to relinquish your pet to SSHS, please consider the following resources.



"The next time you are apartment hunting, don’t forget to bring a resume…for your pet. A resume for your dog might sound like a silly concept, but it could make it a lot easier to find the right place to live.

Pet resumes help convince landlords to bend their no pet policies because they provide proof that your pet won’t become the horror story they’re afraid of. Landlords don’t instate no pet rules because they hate pets, they may even have a pet at home! They’re afraid that your pet will leave a mess behind when you leave and they’ll be left with the hefty price tag.

It’s important to treat your pet’s resume as seriously as you would treat your own. It’s funny to say that your pet’s career is to bark at every lizard that scurries past on the sidewalk, but a noisy pet will not earn you any points with a potential landlord. Landlord’s main concern is that their investment will be protected. If you show your pet respect, your potential landlord may follow suit.

Your pet’s resume should actually look a lot like yours." -Rent To Own Labs


The following websites offer a search tool to help you locate a pet friendly apartment/rental unit.,sm_dogs,lg_dogs,other_pets/map_v

Ready to move? 

Moving can be a scary time for your pet. This link will help you and your pet adjust to your new surroundings.


Behavior Issues?

Most behavior issues can be corrected with training. Contact our Behavior Coordinator at


Financial Issues?

At SSHS, we offer a variety of services to assist the public in feeding their pets and low-cost pet healthcare. Please click the following links for more information on each of those services:

Free Food Giveaway - 12-2p.m. on the second Friday of each month

Finding a New Home for Your Pet

No one knows your pet better than you. You know his/her likes, dislikes, interests and temperament, therefore you have a far greater chance of finding a successful new home than anyone else. By making a determined effort to re-home your pet, not only will you be giving him/her a better future – you’ll also be creating a future for another animal by leaving a spot open at our shelter.


Here are a few tips to try to re-home your pet before bringing it to a shelter (Provided by the Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago, IL):

  • Give yourself time to re-home your pet. It can often take weeks to months to find the right home. The more people that know your pet needs a new home will increase the chances of finding a home. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, church members, neighbors and ask them to help.

  • Increase your pet’s adoptability by having it spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations

  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to help spread the word that you are searching for a new home for your pet. 

  • Use caution when considering unknown individuals or families as your pet’s new owners. Hold the meet and greet in a public place and ask questions to screen potential owners. Share your expectations for your pet’s new home. When you find a family that meets your needs, ask for identification and contact information.

  • Talk with breed specific rescue groups. Rescue groups that focus on caring for a specific breed are available for almost any type of dog.


Never abandon your animal. In the event these alternative resources don’t address the circumstance you are experiencing with your pet, please review our Animal Intake page. South Suburban Humane Society is a managed admission organization, but will accept any animal in need.

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Need temporary housing for your pet?

Click here for more info. 

Our Intake staff is here to help. Contact Intake at (708) 755-7387 x271 or