We're expecting...KITTENS!

Kitten season has begun here at SSHS! Every year, we open our doors and hearts to hundreds of kittens in need of a lifesaving second chance! Our intake team is hard at work welcoming litters of kittens (and sometimes their mom!) but sometimes they need a little help naming them! 

So this is where you come in!


IMG_5185 2.jpg

As young kittens grow, they require constant care and supervision, medical attention, food supplies and lots of love. With another kitten season upon us we need your help!

For a gift of $25, not only will you support the cost of their care but you can name a kitten or even an entire litter!

Come up with a theme and provide us with your name(s). You can name them after flowers, superheroes, colors, or just about anything else you come up with! We will use the names in the order they're given depending on the number of kittens in the litter!

As the kittens become available for adoption, we'll provide you with updates!