Behavior Helpline & Training/Behavior Help

While behavior problems are one of the leading causes pets are surrendered to shelters, these problems can typically be resolved through training and management.  South Suburban Humane Society's Behavior Helpline is a FREE consultation service for anyone having problems with their pets.  Our goal is to help keep pets where they are happiest- in their homes.


Behavior Helpline

Having problems with a pet at home? Are you at your wits end and are thinking about surrendering your pet to a shelter? Wait!! We can help!!

We offer free assistance and materials to help you get to the bottom of the problem so that you can keep your  pet!


Behavior Helpline Request

Training and Behavior Help

Check out the resources below for many of the common behavior problems.

Cat Behavior (Overview)

Chew Toy Training

Crate Training

Destructive Chewing

Dog Intros Part 1

Dog Intros Part 2

Dog to Cat Intros

Food Aggression

Housebreaking 101

Jumping Up

Litterbox Issues

Mouthing/Play Biting

Shy/Fearful Dog Part 1

Shy/Fearful Dog Part 2

Small Dog Guarding 

Time Outs

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Meet our Behavior Coordinator:

Haley LaFond managed the care of approximately 40 horses at a private boarding facility for 3 years prior to joining the South Suburban Humane Society as an adoptions counselor in 2015. Since then, she has done her best to fill any gap in the organization she could, including doing cross-country transports and working as a vet assistant for spay/ neuter surgeries. She has attended several apprenticeships through American Pets Alive! and Maddie’s Fund. Some topics covered include managing shelter health, systematic canine lifesaving, and volunteer dog handling. She also received a scholarship from Karen Pryor Academy for Shelter Training and Enrichment that she is using to help her transition into her newest role as Behavior Coordinator.