Thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, the South Suburban Humane Society Adoption Ambassador program helps more shelter pets find forever homes by bringing the pets out into the public eye.

If you're interested in learning more about the Adoption Ambassador program, please contact Kristina at

What is an Adoption Ambassador?

SSHS's new Adoption Ambassador program is similar to foster care, but takes it a step further. Adoption Ambassadors provide temporary homes (if possible), and all food and supplies needed to care for the pet while they are with you is provided. Unlike the traditional foster home, Ambassadors will work to help maximize their pet's adoptability and exposure.

What if I can't bring my ambassa-dog home?

That's fine! You can take the dog to our off-site adoption events or to any of the places that allow pets on premises. Each dog will have an "Adopt Me" vest so that while they're out and about with you in pet-friendly venues, people will see that the pet is looking for a forever home.

What does an Adoption Ambassador do, exactly?

Adoption Ambassadors will raise awareness of their canine or feline companion through creative means, such as social media, homemade signs, and spreading the word within both their personal and professional networks. Adoption Ambassadors will be given special Ambassador t-shirts, as well as "business cards" with some information about the pet, as well as their contact information to be the primary contact if someone is interested in adopting.
Once an ambassador has found an adopter that is a good fit, they will process the paperwork and present the adopters with their new companion. After everything is completed, they will bring all of the paperwork back to the shelter.