Looking to help out and foster a pet in need, but can't make a long-term commitment? Try short-term fostering!


We ask for a commitment of at least 4-5 days for short-term fosters to help the pet get the most benefit out of being in a foster home. However, if you'd like to foster the pet longer, you are more than welcome to!



"Don't they get sad coming back?"

A study done by Maddie's Fund through Carroll University shows that dog cortisol (stress) levels drastically dropped after one night in a foster home and continued to drop the following days. They found that when the pets returned to the shelter, rather than their cortisol levels spiking back up, they only went up slowly over time. 

This data leads us to believe that these sleepovers may act much like weekends to our workweek. They don’t make all our stress go away, but allow us to rest and recharge, before facing the next week! 


"Why is short-term fostering beneficial?"

In addition to reducing stress levels, short-term fostering is also a great opportunity for a pet's true personality to shine outside of the shelter environment which gives us more information to find them their perfect home. Dogs who have been in foster care at least once tend to get adopted much faster than those who haven't. 


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